Yoga Lin admits to breaking up with G.E.M.

Yoga Lin completed his concert at the Taipei Arena over the weekend.  While he was playing the guitar during the concert, his strings broke.  He joked at the celebration party afterwards, “It’s the first time that my strings broke.  It feels like my skills have gone up a level!”

When the media asked if he had invited his rumored girlfriend G.E.M. to his concert, he replied, “All my friends were invited,” and then added, “That person (G.E.M.) probably didn’t come to watch.”  Since they were rumored to have broken up, the media asked if they could now describe her as “Yoga Lin’s ex-girlfriend.”  He answered, “You guys were the ones who wrote that.  I don’t mind it,” indirectly admitting that their relationship had ended.

During the encore part of his concert, he sang his heart out with pop-rock band Mayday.  He even humorously confessed his love to Mayday’s lead vocalist, Ashin.  He later explained that it was bass player Masa’s idea.

Source: Appledaily

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