[Updated] Van Ness Wu rumored to be engaged

[6/5/2012] Van Ness Wu and his girlfriend Arissa are rumored to have gotten engaged just last month.  Appledaily reported that the couple kept a low profile and only invited their parents to dinner.

33 year-old Van Ness and 29 year-old Arissa first met 5 years ago when she filmed his “My Kingdom” MV back in 2006.  It started to date then but broke up after a year.  They got back together in April 2010, but reportedly broke up 5 months later because Van Ness “vowed to abstain from sex before marriage” as a devoted Christian.

However, they were together again early last year and Arissa was spotted going to his place and spending the night there in July.  They were also seen at the airport leaving for a trip in January of this year. Their relationship has been very stable ever since, although Van Ness has generally avoided talking about his girlfriend in front of the media.

Arissa reportedly told her friends that she was engaged last month.  However, Van Ness’s manager Katie denied, “(I) don’t think so.  He’s very busy filming a drama right now, so he has no time at all.” -- Van Ness is currently filming “Ti Amo Chocolate”.  The media reminded her that getting engaged doesn’t take as much time as getting married.  Katie replied, “He takes both engagement and marriage very seriously.  Friends around him would definitely have been advised about it, but I didn’t hear anything from him.”

[Update 6/6/2012] Van Ness clarified that he did not get engaged last month.  He only took two days off to go to Korea to promote his drama.  He responded through his manager, "If we're considered engaged just because our parents had dinner together, then maybe I'm the parent.  They often have dinners together.  If I really get engaged, it would definitely be well planned out.  It wouldn't be this casual."

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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