Sunny Wang has fallen in love with Cheryl Yang?

Cheryl Yang and Sunny Wang will soon be wrapping up their filming for the upcoming GTV idol drama, “Sweet Magic Bus” (甜蜜魔幻巴士). After 4 months of long stay in Changhua, the two have become close friends. In fact, they have actually known each other for 10 years through their common friend, Elva Hsiao. However, they said they weren’t that close before filming the drama.  Despite this, the two showed no awkwardness when acting as a couple and got into their characters quickly. “It felt so real!” Cheryl said after filming an intimate scene. Sunny added, “Li Jin-Yang (Sunny’s character) loves Cheryl very much.” What about in real life? He answered, “Sunny Wang has also fallen in love with her.”

Sunny expressed that Cheryl used to feel more like his buddy, but she has now become more mature and womanly. Cheryl also complimented Sunny for becoming more dependable, mature, and manly. The media commented that the two looked good together and asked if there were any possibilities for their friendship to develop into a love relationship. The two shook their heads vigorously. 

Source: Appledaily

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