Stefanie Sun is pregnant!

Today is the wedding anniversary of Stefanie Sun and her Indonesian husband Nadim Van Der Ros. To celebrate, 33 year-old Stefanie left the message on her micro-blog yesterday, “Yes, you guys have guessed right,” announcing her pregnancy! She expressed through her record company, “Thank you everyone for caring about my stomach. With Appledaily’s support, my wish has come true.”

However, Stefanie was in Taiwan in February to film a MV. She completed all her stunts as required which included being hung from a wire (see photo on right). Her manager explained that it was because she was not yet pregnant at the time. It has also been less than 3 months since she got pregnant, but her manager commented, “They are more western-like, so they’re not as superstitious.”

Ever since Stefanie got pregnant, her family has forbidden her to do any house chores. Her manager added, “She often feels like there is a strange taste in her mouth, and always want to eat tangerines. She eats 3 of them at a time.” Although she loves seafood, she has been avoiding them since she heard that it may cause the baby to be prone to allergies.

When asked if Stefanie would be putting all her activities on hold, her manager replied, “Other than a change in eating style, she feels fine and has great energy. She will exercise normally, and work as normal.” She also expressed that she will definitely attend the Golden Melody Award ceremony on June 23rd as long as her doctor allows her to.

Source: Appledaily

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