Nominees for the 23rd annual Golden Melody Awards

The GIO (Government Information Office) has announced the list of Golden Melody nominees!  (Photo on right: Tanya Chua announced the nominees for GIO)

Here are the highlights of the major categories:

Best Song of the year
Perfect Landing / Let You Replace Me
Noah’s Ark / Second Round
So After I’ve Grown Up / So After I’ve Grown Up
Speaking of Love / Sing It Out Of Love
Those Years / Those Years

Best Album
Second Round(no where ver.)
Perfect Life
My Love
No Crying
Sing It Out Of Love

Best Male Singer
Luan Dan A Xiang / Let You Replace Me
Yoga Lin / Perfect Life
Eason Chan / ?
Jay Chou /Exclamation Mark
Jam Hsiao / Wild Dreams

Best Female Singer
A-Lin / We Will Be Better
Stefanie Sun / It’s Time
Hebe Tien / MY LOVE
Waa (Wei Ru-Xuan) / No Crying
A-Mei Chang / R U Watching?
Tanya Chua / Singing It Out Of Love

Best Band
Tizzy Bac
Buddha Jump
Mary See The Future

Best New Artist
Wu Nan-Ying / I’m Just
The Girl and The Robots / Miss November
A-Fu Teng / Yuan Lai Ru Ci!!
Ilid Kaolo / My Carefree Life
Jess Lee / Thank You My Love

Best Music Video
Imperial Army / Takasago Army
Crazy From Loneliness / So After I’ve Grown Up
My Love / MY LOVE
Bird’s Nest / What Is Troubling You
Old Love Song / Home in the Arctic Village

Best Composer
Mayday’s Masa / Noah’s Ark / Second Round
Jiao An-Pu / Please Give Me A Better Rival In Love / MY LOVE
A-Chord Hsieh / So After I’ve Grown Up / So After I’ve Grown Up
Khalil Fong / Solitary Patient / ?
Tanya Chua / Speaking Of Love / Sing It Out Of Love

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