Nick Chou prepares to release new album and avoids talking about Elva Hsiao

It’s been almost two years since his debut album and Nick Chou is finally getting ready to release his new album, “S.N.G”, by the end of the month. With all the tracks written by him, he happily exclaimed, “My goal is to be a singer-songwriter!” The idol turned singer-songwriter now avoids talking about his formerly rumored girlfriend Elva Hsiao. He gives his mom all his attention as he says he does not feel the need for a “love relationship” at the moment.

Nick held a mini-concert just the night before to showcase some of the new songs which he spent a year writing. The songs on his new album were selected by his manager out of 200 that he wrote. It will also be the first album that he is releasing under Gold Typhoon (Nick was with Warner Music previously).

When he wrote his new song, “內傷” (Heartache), it happened to be the time when he reportedly broke up with Elva in October 2010. He quickly explained, “I don’t write songs about relationships. I only write about life.” When asked if his heart ached during that time, he replied, “My heart aches because you asked me that.” He then said that he hadn’t seen Elva for the last four months. In regards to the rumors of Elva dating Kai Ko, he commented, “As long as they’re happy.”

His new song, “S.N.G” stands for “Super Nice Girl”, which is a song about finding a girlfriend. But since he was accompanying his mom to fight cancer last year, he said, “After what happened last year, I’m not interested in love relationships. I just want to be with my family.” He admitted that it was a painful year as he felt helpless and was on the verge of breaking down, “The worst has passed. I want her to be proud of my now. As for love, it can’t be forced.”

Check out Nick's "S.N.G" below:

Source: UDN, nickthereal0802's channel

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