Nick Chou attracts a thousand fans to mini-concert and signing event

“Nickthereal” Nick Chou held a special preorder sales mini-concert and signing event at Ximending a few days ago.  A thousand female fans flooded the area, causing nearby shops to protest as they were unable to do business.  His fans, which were mostly middle and high school students, shouted together excitedly, “Nick Chou, you’re so handsome!”  They continued to shake the area with their screams at his every move.

After starring in the idol drama, “I Love You So Much”, Nick gained many new fans.  His new album, “S.N.G” had already sold 15 thousand copies in preorder sales before its release on May 30th.  In order to celebrate this, his record company has organized to hold a concert for him at Legacy (venue) on June 16th.

Nick’s “I Love You So Much” costar Lee Chia-Ying attended his signing event to show her support.  She complimented Nick for becoming even more handsome than before and said that he was a S.N.B (Super Nice Boy) in everyone’s heart.  She further praised that he was very caring of others, had good manners, and was always thoughtful.  Nick, who was blushing, quickly said, “Lee Chia-Ying, I’ll treat you to dinner in a bit.”  Lee Chia-Ying gave him a pair of leopard print boxing gloves to wish him the best on his new album.

Nick's "S.N.G" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Click here to watch Nick's latest MV

Source: UDN

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