A-Mei Chang will need a miracle to release a new album this year

In the midst of her concert tour, A-Mei Chang returned to Taiwan to endorse some robotic massage chairs. She had just finished holding concerts in London and Malaysia, and she flew back to Taiwan on Sunday. At yesterday's event, she fulfilled her duty as the spokesperson as she praised the massage chair non-stop. She also revealed that she kept one in the backstage during her 8 concert shows at the Taipei Arena.  (Photo on right: A-Mei (right) became the spokesperson for a robotic massage chair yesterday, pocketing over 10 million TWD.)

After transferring her management contract to Gold Typhoon, the record company applied for GIO’s funding for a new album that would have A-Mei collaborating with veteran musician Adia, who previously worked on Amit’s album. They’ve been approved for 3 million TWD, but the condition is that the album must be completed by the end of this year. Upon hearing this, A-Mei said, “Where are the songs?” Although she and her record company have started collecting songs, the main delay is caused by her concert tour which started last year September and will run till December 8th, holding at least 57 shows.

Going into the studio and recording new songs is difficult because A-Mei holds one to two concert shows every week. If she is to release a new album this year, her manager said, “It’ll be very hard. We’ll need a miracle.”

Source: UDN

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