Leehom Wang celebrates his 36th birthday

Leehom Wang turned 36 yesterday!  When he arrived on location to film his movie early morning, the crew prepared a cake for him and the director gave him tea leaves that were worth 100 thousand RMB.  Thirty members from his fan club visited him on location and give him five cases of red wine and two birthday cakes. 

Leehom wrote on his microblog in the morning, “My calendar is marked with birthdays from over a hundred friends, but...today is my turn!  I almost forgot.”  Many of his celebrity friends sent their blessings.  Kevin Tsai, host of Kang Xi Lai Le, left the message, “Things that you care about have great depth, and you’re brave in trying new things.  It’s just that sometimes they don’t get the kind of attention that you do as an idol.”  Vivian Hsu commented that Leehom is “a good man who does the dishes,” and added “Where would you find such a good man?  (He’s) filial, tries hard, considerate, hardworking, talented, and handsome...Hope you’ll meet the right girl soon, be happy, and have kids soon!”  His fans also left messages wishing that he could find his special someone soon.

As always, Leehom’s birthday wish was to “make better music and movies for everyone.”  So far for this year, Leehom has already signed to film 15 commercials, hold 50 concerts, and make 4 movies.  He has reportedly made 680 million TWD in just the first half of the year.

Source: Appledaily

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