Jolin Tsai doesn't want to get married yet

Jolin Tsai held a press conference a few days ago for her upcoming “Myself” concert tour which launches on July 14th in Shanghai. When she talked about her good friend Stefanie Sun getting pregnant, she expressed, “We were young girls when we met. I just can’t imagine how I will be like when I become a mom.” She told the media that she had already congratulated Stefanie via a text message. Jolin, who’s 31 right now, sighed, “I hope I won’t be an older mother.”

 Jolin (right) laughs happily when the media asked about Vivian (left).

Jolin is planning to release a new album in August. When asked if she would invite her boyfriend Vivian Dawson to be in her MV again, she answered, “We’ll see if it’s necessary.” As for the status of their relationship, she said, “We have no plans to get married yet.”

In regards to Will Pan’s recent love confession for her, she laughed, “He’s popular with girls.” As for whether or not there are any possibilities between them, she said, “We know each other too well, we’re like siblings,” and emphasized that this won’t affect their friendship.

 Will Pan revealed that he has had a crush on Jolin for 7 years and said confidently,  "Even till now, I believe Jolin still has good feelings for me."

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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