Jay Chou wants to get married in two years

Jay Chou went to a recording of the talk show, “我們一家訪問人” (Wo Men Yi Jia Fang Wen Ren), a few days ago. He openly spoke his thought about marriage, expressing his desire to get married and have kids by the age of 35. He believed that celebrities often marry late due to focusing on their careers. Celebs also always try to date in secret, making it hard to develop long term relationships like normal people. However, Jay told host Wang Wei-Zhong that he realized now that his “home is the only castle,” and a perfect life is having your most beloved person by your side.

Jay further revealed that his classmates and friends have all been getting married and having kids in these past few years, making him rather envious, “I don’t want work to delay having kids,” while also worrying that there would be a communication gap if he have children later. His mom has never pushed him to get married or have any input on whom he dates, but from previous news reports, his mom seems to get along very well with his current girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan. Jay said he uses his mom as his standard for finding a girlfriend, “(She) at least has to be like my mom who has an artistic quality and has good manners.”

Although Jay used to like big eyes and long-haired girls, he now wishes his future wife to be someone who does house chores, is gentle, affectionate, and understands and admires his work, “My mom fell in love with my dad because of music.”

The show visited Jay’s high school in search of his teenage photos. During the visit, they found his junior classmate who revealed that it was Jay who asked her to help him apply to go on a contest show. In the video, his junior classmate asked Jay to treat her for dinner, which Jay generously promised, “Anytime you go to my restaurant, you just have to say that you’re ‘my junior classmate’ and it’ll be on the house.”

Source: UDN

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