Harry of Da Mouth poses with Cheryl Yang

Da Mouth attended the recording for the variety show, “麻辣天后宮” (Gossip Queen), a few days ago. The staff hinted to Harry that a female star related to him would be making a special appearance. Thinking that it would likely be his rumored girlfriend Cheryl Yang, Harry was sweating non-stop.

It turned out that the staff had prepared a life-size cardboard cutout of Cheryl. Harry, feeling relieved, spoke openly about Cheryl. When host Tuo Zong-Kang asked, “If a girl like her is your girlfriend, would you cherish her?” Harry answered without hesitation, “Of course!” He then added, “Whenever I talk about her outside, it’s definitely all praises. She’s pretty, filial, has great character and personality. It’s hard to find (a girl like her)!”

Photo on right: Harry posed with Cheryl’s life-size cardboard cutout without reluctance. 

 Da Mouth...and Harry & Cheryl.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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