Fan Fan avoids intimate scenes when filming MV

 Christine Fan (Fan Fan) recently became the new spokesperson for Cotton USA, pocketing 5 million TWD. At the same time she was filming the commercial, she also filmed the MV for her new single, "最親愛的你” (roughly translates to My Most Beloved You. She got to work with a handsome male model for the MV, but they only held hands at most to express their affections for each other. Christine explained, “Blackie (her husband Charles Chen) never asks about my filming, but I usually avoid intimate scenes myself. I can only put more passion in my singing.”

Fan Fan is set to release her new album, "愛,在一起" (roughly translates to Love, Together), at the end of this month.

 Fan Fan filmed the commercial with a made in Japan cotton plush that was worth 150 thousand TWD (~ $5,000 US).

Source: Appledaily

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