Elva Hsiao admits to going bike riding with Kai Ko

It’s been 120 days since 32 year-old Elva Hsiao and 20 year-old Kai Ko were rumored to be dating and just days ago, they were spotted riding bikes together at night.  Elva was at an event yesterday and admitted to going bike riding with Kai (top photos: Elva covered her ears when the media asked about the love rumor and she tried to hide her smile when talking about Kai).  When asked if being with Kai made her feel younger, she replied, “I’ve always been young!”  As for their 12-year age gap, she responded, “I don't reject it,” and expressed that she and Kai get along very well, “(He’s) very real, sincere, and filial.”  However, she emphasized that her frequent dates with Kai are nothing more than going out with a friend.  She then pleaded the media, “Oh, can you guys stop asking?!”  Regardless of what she says, the media is not convinced as they’ve been spotted together numerous times which included going to the movies, hanging out at a nightclub, meeting at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, at a coffee shop, and going bike riding.

Elva and Kai were seen at a coffee shop just the day before.

Kai wrote on Facebook yesterday, “(I’ve) been riding my bike every day!  Whether it’s during the day, night, or early morning, I’m riding my bike.  It’s truly relaxing!”  Kai has cut back on going to the nightclubs ever since he was diagnosed with Lipoma.  He will be getting it removed in June. 

Left: Together at National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. / 
Right: Rumors of the two dating began when they were spotted at the movies together.

Source: Appledaily

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