"Double J" and Lin Chi-Ling land on top 10 of Forbes' China Celebrity 100

The 2012 China Celebrity 100 list from Forbes has just been out. The list is compiled based on each celebrity’s activities, earnings, and exposure between the period of March 1, 2011 to February 29, 2012. In the top 10, our favorite “Double J” Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai occupy 1st and 7th place respectively. Jolin expressed through her manager, “Thank you for everyone’s support.” Lin Chi-Ling rounds out the top 10 as she has maintained her popularity by making movies and filming an underwear ad, which she pocketed 23 million TWD for.

Other popular Taiwanese actors and singers include Leehom Wang, Show Luo, A-Mei Chang, and Mayday. Shu Qi takes the 19th spot with her outstanding acting as well as drawing the public’s attention with her ambiguous rumored relationship with Leehom. Nicky Wu also makes it on the list after making a comeback with the hit mainland drama, “Scarlet Heart”. Both Ethan Ruan and Kaneshiro Takeshi are on the list, which is not a surprise. Magician Lu Chen, who just won the annual magician award, is also on the list.

As for celebrities from Hong Kong and the mainland, Andy Lau lands on second place after winning Best Actor at the Golden Horse and Hong Kong Film Awards. Besides being a box office hit, Fan Bing-Bing has also had many rumored relationships; she is 3rd on the list. Another mainland star worth mentioning is Huang Xiao-Ming, who is on the list again this year, landing on 23rd. Additionally, his rumored girlfriend Angelababy happens to be in the 100th spot. Huang Xiao-Ming commented yesterday, “I don’t really care about the ranking. I just want to do my best.”

Taiwanese celebrities on the list:
1 Jay Chou
7 Jolin Tsai
10 Lin Chi-Ling
16 Leehom Wang
17 Show Luo
19 Shu Qi
31 Dee Hsu
34 Ruby Lin
36 A-Mei Chang
37 Mayday
43 Nicky Wu
45 Barbie Hsu
50 Rene Liu
53 Rainie Yang
57 Hebe Tien
61 Wilber Pan
62 Wakin Chau
63 Jam Hsiao
64 Peter Ho
75 Kaneshiro Takeshi
76 (Magician) Lu Chen
80 Ethan Ruan
87 Christine Fan
92 Yoga Lin
95 Ella Chen

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Source: Appledaily, Forbeschina.com

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