A-do makes a comeback after two years

Singaporean singer A-do is finally coming back to release a new album after two years since his last one.  He revealed that during these two years, he has been living a steady life, which he gained a lot of weight as a result.  For the sake of releasing the album, he is jogging every day and trying to eat less of starch related products.  A-do said, “If I don’t eat rice, I don’t feel full.  After a while, I stopped weighing myself.” 

A-do has successfully shed off some pounds and weighs 70kg right now.  He plans to lose 5 more kg.  He smiled, “I look better on camera this way.”  He also revealed that besides working on the album, his hobby was taking care of fishes.  In fact, he invested 500 thousand SGD in it, “I invested on my friend’s Asian arowana breeding business, so if I didn’t have anything to do at home, I would be with the fishes.”

A-do's new album "9th Time Falling In Love" is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out A-do's latest single "Valentine's Day" MV:

Source: UDN, 1980kisscarol's channel

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