Dee Hsu to return to "Kang Xi Lai Le"

Barbie Hsu sighed in relief as she completed her last recording of “Kang Xi Lai Le” as a substitute host yesterday. She revealed that her sister Dee Hsu was doing well after giving birth to a baby girl.

Dee will be returning to host the talk show on the 23rd.  She expressed , “I want to thank Barbie for doing such a good job on hosting the show so that I still have a job when I come back.” It turns out that Barbie actually wanted Dee to go back to work a few days ago, but Dee wanted to enjoy a few more days off.

Although Barbie got married in 2010, she has yet to have a baby. Chen Han-Dian, the comic relief on the show, gave her his blessing, “(I) hope Barbie will have a baby soon.” Barbie replied, “I hope so too!” Dee also mentioned before, “If Barbie wants a baby, she can borrow mine as long as she wants.”

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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