[Updated] Cyndi Wang denies breaking up Sonia Sui and Yao Yuan-Hao

[5/7/2012] Recently, Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan-Hao’s rumored relationship has been making news headlines in the entertainment section. Although Sonia Sui and Yao Yuan-Hao have been on and off for 8 years, they reportedly got back together again in the latter half of last year, but Cyndi is suspected of being the third person.

Readers told Appledaily that Cyndi was spotted visiting Yao Yuan-Hao’s home several times, driving a white Mercedes-Benz of the model E250. They were seen intimately holding hands and hugging in the underground parking of Yao Yuan-Hao’s home late last year. Cyndi’s manager quickly refuted the claims saying that she drives a black Mercedes-Benz and not a white one. However, Appledaily visited Cyndi’s place two days ago and found the white Mercedes-Benz parked in her parking spot with the same license plate as the one seen at Yao Yuan-Hao’s garage.

Additionally, some recognized the same kind of plates that showed up in dessert photos on both Cyndi’s and Sonia’s Facebook, which is found in Yao Yuan-Hao’s home.

Cyndi posted a photo of a cake she made (left) which was presented on the same kind of plate that appeared in Sonia's photo (right).

After dominating the entertainment news section for a week, Cyndi responded to the media for the first time today. Cyndi admitted that she briefly dated Yao Yuan-Hao back in May of last year after Sonia and Yao Yuan-Hao broke up. In August, she backed down when Sonia and Yao Yuan-Hao got back together. Cyndi cried, “I’m not the third person!” She then added, “I knew that they wanted to get back together in August of last year, so I told myself that I must pull my heart back.”

Cyndi and Yao Yuan-Hao were spotted at Kenting together last year July.

Cyndi explained that Yao Yuan-Hao told her that he broke up with Sonia in February. Thus, they started keeping in touch again. However, readers saw them together last year. Cyndi said, “I was once hurt by a third person, so I definitely wouldn’t allow myself to become the third person of someone else’s relationship! Not that I didn’t want to say anything. There are some things that I cannot say.” -- she was referring to the fact that Sonia did not announce her break up with Yao Yuan-Hao until last Thursday. She admitted going to Yao Yuan-Hao’s home, “The photo with the plate was from May of last year. My friends and I were making desserts at his home.” She also admitted to owning a white Mercedes, but because she often drives the black one, that’s why her manager thought that she only had a black one.

When the media asked if Cyndi was still dating Yao Yuan-Hao, her manager quickly answered, “Not anymore,” and emphasized that Cyndi and Yao Yuan-Hao were not yet in a love relationship again in February. Yao Yuan-Hao’s management company expressed that he was single between May and August last year, so he never cheated. They further advised that Yao Yuan-Hao had not seen Sonia for a month and a half, and the two had decided to break up back in February. The company stated that Yao Yuan-Hao and Cyndi are just friends and are not dating.

After the press conference, Appledaily asked Cyndi again whether she was still dating Yao Yuan-Hao or not. Cyndi responded, “I hope that my future boyfriend will be someone with broad shoulders,” hinting that Yao Yuan-Hao is irresponsible. Yao Yuan-Hao’s management company expressed, “It’s not that Yao Yuan-Hao does not have broad shoulders, he is very straightforward. Sometimes speaking out may not be the best thing for everyone. Staying silent is to protect each other.”

Sonia admitted that she had broken up with Yao Yuan-Hao at the LV grand opening event last week.

Sonia & Yao Yuan-Hao’s 8 year relationship
June 2006
- rumored to have broken up due to Sam Wang, but got back together after 6 months.
- last straw: each were rumored to be with Sam Wang / Jennifer Hong.

April 2011
- broke up after Sonia finished filming “Fierce Wife”, but they were seen holding hands again 5 months later
- last straw: Yao Yuan-Hao was seen giving a ride to a hot girl.

May 2012
- After getting back together again for 8 months, Sonia finally admitted their break up.
- last straw: things didn’t work out in addition to having a third person in their relationship.

[Update 5/9/2012] Yao Yuan-Hao finally responded to the media with a press release after the news reports about his relationships have gone on for a week. Besides “apologizing to everyone who has been concerned about his relationships,” he also apologized to Cyndi and Sonia. He said, “In regards to Sonia telling the media that I am the man whom she loved most, I thank her very much. I also want to thank her for accompanying my family to dinners. She is also the most important person in my life.” He emphasized that he was just a normal person, “I’m just the same as everyone else. We’ve had happy times, times when we got upset, and have quarreled before, but I never thought of hurting anyone.”

Yao Yuan-Hao (left) and Sonia Sui dated for 8 years.

Many felt that his new relationship with Cyndi came “too soon” after breaking up with Sonia, causing him to be suspected of cheating. Yao Yuan-Hao responded apologetically, “The time when I became single last year and when I was reflecting on the problems of my relationship, I was careless about how others around me felt. Due to my immatureness, I hurt them.”

In regards to his manager defending him and telling the media that he was single when he started dating Cyndi, he replied, “I won’t use my status of being single as an excuse for what I’ve done. But I will learn from this to become more mature. In every relationship, a man should always take full responsibility.”

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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