Rainie Yang dedicates her first "nude" scene to Show Luo's "Heartbeat Love"

Show Luo has just released his 9th Album, “Good Show” and his new online mini film series “Heartbeat Love” will start its broadcast on April 12. Rainie Yang, his co-star in Hi My Sweetheart, is the female lead in the music love story.

The plot follows Show and Rainie as two strangers who end up sharing a hotel room during their trip to Australia thanks to a prank Show’s friends decided to play on him. A mix-up of Show’s luggage results in Rainie mistaking him for being gay, and in one scene, she takes off her towel in front of him to put lotion on her back. Rainie gave up her first on-screen nude shot from the back to this production, and mentioned afterward that the filming of that scene was even more awkward than kissing scenes. Show promised to make it up to her by appearing as her guest in many of her future concerts.

Show and Rainie spent three weeks in Australia, filming in three states across the country (Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania) on a budget of $20 million NTD ($677,240 USD). The majority of the funding came from Tourism Australia, who chose Show and Rainie to film the mini film series as promotion of Australian tourism to the Chinese market. They were chosen for their individual popularity as well as for the incredible chemistry they showed onscreen in Hi My Sweetheart, making them a favourite with fans. The spark they show onscreen when working together was again ignited when filming a bed scene, in which they ruffle up their hair and clothes and pull faces at the camera, going for a comedic effect, rather than the conventional romantic bed scenes.

The mini film series is 50 minutes long, but will be broadcast in 10 minute episodes once a week, starting from April 12 at midnight on Yahoo.com.tw and at noon on Tudou Channel. (Taiwan Time)

Source: Libertytimes, UDN, Appledaily, Yahoo.com.tw

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