Netizens criticize "Ex-boyfriend's" ending and want a sequel for "Skip Beat!"

Both “Ex-boyfriend” and “Skip Beat” ended their run last Friday and Sunday, scoring 0.84% and 1.85% in ratings respectively (both ended in second place for their time slot).

Following the finale of “Ex-Boyfriend”, netizens expressed their dissatisfaction towards the ending by criticizing how the main characters ended up with someone that appeared for the first time in the very last episode. Netizens felt deceived by the screenwriter and commented that the ending was just “too absurd" and ended rather abruptly.

On the other hand, the manga adaptation, “Skip Beat!”, left its audience hanging with the female lead’s ex-boyfriend expressing his unwillingness to let her go. Many netizens hope to see a sequel or a movie that will bring closure to the story.

Source: UDN

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