Mark Chao cherishes Gao Yuan Yuan

Just days ago, 27 year old Mark Chao was spotted spending five romantic days at the hotel with the mainland actress, Gao Yuan-Yuan, who is 5 years his senior. At the “Black & White” movie press conference in Beijing on the 17th, he openly admitted, “Yuan Yuan is a very nice girl, I will cherish her, and I hope that everyone can protect her from getting hurt.”

At the press conference, Mark expressed that he got to meet Huang Bo, a great big brother figure, from filming the “Black & White” movie. The media took the opportunity to tease him, “So did you get to know a great big sister (Gao) after filming ‘Searching’ (搜索)?” – which was a movie he did with Gao Yuan-Yuan. Mark avoided the question and joked that it must have taken a long time for the reporter to come up with that question. Another reporter then asked if Mark was able to overcome his fear of heights during the filming because he was dating “Gao” (height) Yuan-Yuan. Mark laughed, “I like your question, but I won’t say anything.”

The “Black & White” movie is set to hit theaters in China in June. Thus, many suspected that the news of Gao Yuan-Yuan and Mark dating was just a way to promote for the movie. Mark’s manager Vicky refuted the claims, “We never use relationships as a form of promotion. His popularity has risen a lot more in the mainland than in Taiwan.” Mark expressed, “I originally didn’t want to respond about this at the press conference and take the attention away from the movie, but I’ll tell you, so please stop asking.”

Following the news, netizens gave their blessings to the couple, while others did not see a good future from them.

 Left: Gao Yuan-Yuan and Mark were seen holding hands while taking a walk. /
Right: Gao Yuan Yuan taking pictures of Mark in the hotel room.

Source: Appledaily

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