Leehom appears as A-Mei's concert special guest

Adding one more show to her originally planned seven "AmeiZING" concerts, A-Mei Chang’s rumored ex-boyfriend Leehom Wang surprised the audience by appearing as her special guest on the eighth night at Taipei Arena. Leehom made fun of A-Mei’s previous special guest (and formerly rumored boyfriend) Harlem Yu for pretending to propose to A-Mei, calling it an old trick. Leehom said to A-Mei, “My most important mission today is to take you home to Taitung” -- as in to take her home and make her his wife. They then hugged each other and kissed, causing all eleven thousand fans to fill the arena with screams. A-Mei’s real boyfriend Sam was also present in the audience that night, where he could only sit and watch.

There had been many rumors of Leehom being a guest at A-Mei's concert. A-Mei’s manager Chen Chen-Chuan revealed that A-Mei called Leehom the night before to ask, “Are you coming tomorrow or not?” Leehom immediately replied, “Of course I am.” At the concert, A-Mei and Leehom sang “Are You Ready” and “We Will Rock You” together. Leehom said to her, “How come we haven’t appeared on the same stage since ten years ago?” A-Mei humorously said, “How come you made me wait so long?”

Just like her previous shows, many stars attended the concert including Jerry Yan and Van Ness Wu.

 Leehom especially asked A-Mei's stylist to make him the same hat that A-Mei wore during her opening performance.

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