Andrew Tan to release photobook in June

HitFm’s 2012 HITO Music Awards will be taking place on May 6th at the Taipei Arena. Andrew Tan took the opportunity to hold a “thank the fans” signing event. Being one of the first to see the new award trophy, he gave it a kiss and even rehearsed his thank you speech.

Andrew is planning to release a photobook in June. When the event host suggested that he should show off his great body at the award show, he joked, “I should just go shirtless with only a bow around my neck.”

Other singers who will be at the show include: Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Show Luo, Mayday, Yoga Lin, JPM, Lollipop F, Magic Power, Della Ding, Hebe Tien, Khalil Fong, Christine Fan, Weibird Wei, Tanya Chua, Penny Tai, Sodagreen, and more.

Source: UDN

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