Show Luo gets ready to release new Mandarin album

Having just released his Japanese debut single, “Dante”, Show Luo is already preparing to push out his new Mandarin album next month titled, “有我在” (roughly translates to With Me Here). After becoming the champion in album sales for two years in a row, he is determined to reign again this year, “I’m confident that I will be the champion three years straight! Here I come!”

For the album photoshoot, one of his wardrobes was designed with a “collapsing fantasy” theme which he donned a pair of steel wings weighing 10kg to show the feeling of wanting to fly while being unable to. After 40 minutes of shooting, his shoulders were covered with bruises from where the straps were for carrying the wings. He also accidentally scraped his stylist’s face when he was turning around with the wings on his back. As a result, he knelt down to ask for forgiveness while he was still wearing the wings.

Show plans to organize 15 signing events from the end of this month to the beginning of May. Not afraid of previous criticisms, he will continue the tradition of giving his fans a “photo op for 3 albums or a hug for 5” to help boost sales.

Since today is White Day, it reminds him of the time when he noticed his girlfriend hadn’t been wearing the necklace that he gave her, so he knew she must have lost it. Thus, he bought the same necklace for her on Valentine’s Day, but she actually thought that he was the one who hid the original one.  His management company is unwilling to disclose who she was.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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