A-Mei wants to add 8th show for her AmeiZING concert tour?

A-Mei Chang will be holding her 7 “AmeiZING” concert shows at the Taipei Arena starting on the 31st. Considering that the concert tour started elsewhere back in September, one-third of the songs will be new this time and the stage and her wardrobes will also be even more extravagant than before. The concert celebrates her 15th anniversary in showbiz, so she said she might even ask her family members to perform on stage. Additionally, her main principle in preparing for this concert is “not to try to save money.” Thus, it is estimated that the production cost will be over 100 million TWD. (photo: A-Mei especially filmed a clip of her as Amit for the concert)

When A-Mei attended Sodagreen’s concert at the beginning of the month, she complained to her manager, “How come they can sing overtime?” Since many of her fans and friends expressed that they couldn’t get tickets to her concert, she was thinking of holding an 8th concert, but her manager stopped her, “She always sings in full force, (so) I’m afraid that she’ll hurt her throat. There’s always another time to break the record.” -- holding the most number of shows at Taipei Arena for the same tour. Nonetheless, they have added about 20 additional box seats per show for her sponsors, friends, and fellow artistes.

After A-Mei takes her five-day break, she will immediately start preparing for the concert as well as filming commercials. She recently filmed a snack commercial where she sings and dances in it like she does in her coca-cola or sprite commercials. Although it’s everybody’s favorite “A-Mei image”, she said humorously, “When I film another commercial in the future, I can show some martial arts moves too.”

Source: UDN

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