J-Girl Hannah Quinlivan to debut on the small screen

J-Girl Hannah Quinlivan has not only accepted a hosting gig at MTV for the Western pop chart, she has also signed a management contract with SETTV a few days ago. As you can guess, she will start filming dramas for the network.

SETTV’s VP Chang Cheng-Fen expressed, “Hannah’s company and SETTV are collaborating. She’s very suitable for filming dramas, so we have arranged for her to appear in ‘Set Chocolate’. After that, we will arrange for further drama appearances in the future.”

Hannah will get to work with Van Ness Wu and Joanne Tzeng for her small screen debut. She will be playing Joanne’s classmate and good friend. Although she will only receive a mere 8 thousand TWD per episode, it will be a good opportunity for her to develop her acting skills.

In contrast, Jolin’s boyfriend Vivian Dawson hasn’t been so lucky. He once went to audition for a role in “(Drunken to) Love You”, but he didn't get chosen in the end due to his poor Mandarin. The role later went to Tom Price, who was from Hong Kong.

Source: UDN

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