Harlem and Rainie to host Golden Melody?

The 23rd Annual Golden Melody Awards ceremony will take place on June 23rd at the Taipei Arena, and TTV will once again be broadcasting the event. There have been rumors going around recently that veteran host Harlem Yu and pop singer Rainie Yang will be hosting the show. However, TTV is keeping a low profile and only said yesterday, “We have indeed mentioned this combo to the Government Information Office, but we are unable to confirm this news yet. There are still many procedures that need to take place.”

Harlem, who has hosted the award show a couple of times as well as being a former Golden Melody Best Male Singer winner, responded, “I haven’t received the offer yet,” but hearing that his partner may be Rainie, he smiled and then added, “I don’t think Rainie knows about this either.” His manager further expressed, “We will at least have to wait to get an offer before responding.”

Although Rainie has hosted “Guess Guess Guess” with veteran Jacky Wu before, she has never hosted any of the three major award shows (Golden Melody, Golden Bell, and Golden Horse). Rainie’s manager also indicated that they have not received any offer yet.

Source: Appledaily

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