Fierce Wife actress Xiao Chen's husband gets caught cheating again

Fierce Wife actress Hu Ying-Chen (Xiao Chen) and plastic surgeon Li Jin-Liang (A-Liang) have been dominating the front pages of the entertainment news section. They’ve been together for 8 years and after catching A-Liang cheating for the 13th time, their marriage has finally lit a red light. Just days ago, Appledaily spotted A-Liang going out and having some intimate interactions with a girl named Alison.

Xiao Chen said while almost in tears, “In the past 8 years, there have been too many chances to mend our relationship, (but) if I can’t keep him, I won’t force it. If I don’t have the ability to keep this man, I...will choose to let him go at the right time.” When asked if it meant divorce, she hesitated, “(I’m) still thinking about it carefully.” The media probed further and she responded, “Of course it has both positive and negative meanings to it.” She indicated that she still had not sat down and talked with A-Liang, but they won’t separate yet, “After acting in ‘Fierce Wife’, it has changed the way I see things. I feel that everyone needs to mature. No matter what happens in the future, I will always consider my daughter first.”

When the media asked if she would forgive A-Liang if he promised that he wouldn’t cheat again or step foot into a hotel, she said coldly, “He can’t even promise the media that. What happened this time was an outbreak. After that, it’s very hard to go back.” As for the clinic which they own in partnership, she said that she would leave it up to her dad to decide what to do in case they really break up.

A-Liang expressed to the media that hugging a girl in public was a normal behaviour of all Taiwanese men, which led to harsh criticisms from the public. Even Xiao Chen commented, “No woman would accept that!” She was also aware of the rumors regarding A-Liang and a girl named Tian Xin going out, “I have friends who live in the area. I feel that God has been giving me directions. I can’t continue to shield my ears anymore.”

Left: Appledaily spotted A-Liang with two girls just days ago./
Right: Next Magazine photographed A-Liang going on a date with Tian Xin.

A-Liang responded in a TVBS interview early in the morning, “Xiao Chen is still in anger, so she will be a little extreme in the way she thinks right now. After things cool down a little, (we’ll) sit down and have a good chat, but not in front of the media.” Xiao Chen’s dad and veteran host Hu Gua who has always supported his son in-law was unreachable and did not respond to the news.

2006/7: A-Liang was spotted going out to the movies and staying overnight with an AV star
Xiao Chen’s response: “I’m in a very good mood. I trust my boyfriend.”

2008/8: He was seen driving and going to a hotel with a long curly-haired girl, whom he also kissed on the street.
Xiao Chen’s response: “A-Liang said his friend was opening a store so he went to show his support.”

2009/6: Just before the wedding reception, news broke out that he was cheating with Yang Qiao-Ning (Mao Mao).
Xiao Chen’s response: “I choose to forgive.”

2010/6: Next Magazine reported that A-Liang and Tian Xin went out 4 times in a week and even went to Korea together.
Xiao Chen’s response: “My husband has been mistaken.”

2010/12: Rumors surfaced that he was cheating with a nurse at his clinic. Thus, his wife Xiao Chen wanted a divorce.
Xiao Chen’s response: “News like these always come out once in a while, I’ve long gotten used to it.”

2012/3: A-Liang brought another girl to a hotel and was seen holding hands and hugging intimately with Xiao Chen’s friend Alison.
Xiao Chen’s response: “If I can’t keep him, I will choose to let him go at the right time.”

Source: Appledaily, Maton19748

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