Crowd Lu becomes a crossing guard for a day

Crowd Lu previously promised the fans that if his book, “I am Crowd Lu! Yeah”, sold more than twenty-thousand copies, he would do something to express his passion. His book really sold over twenty-thousand copies, so yesterday at 7am, he took his fans’ recommendation and became a school crossing guard. He expressed, “I really feel like I’m all grown up. Therefore, I need to assist those who are in the process of growing up.”

He warmly greeted the students as they crossed the street. Due to his fame, he attracted a crowd of students to stop and take a good look at him, which caused a slight delay in traffic. A fellow crossing guard commented on Crowd’s performance, “He met the expectations that a singer should have.”

After Crowd was done assisting the students, he said, “It reminded me of when I was in elementary school. I used to be part road safety team and assisted students of my age in crossing the street. Today, I assisted middle school students, and I really feel like I’ve grown up.”

Source: Appledaily

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