Weibird Wei becomes a substitute DJ

After completing his alternative services last December, Weibird Wei is already busy promoting his upcoming movie, “The Bird Who Saved The World”, which will premiere on March 30th.

A few days ago, he filled in for Waa Wei on her radio show. Although he usually goes to bed at 10pm, he became more and more hyper as the night progressed. When he was playing a song from Coldplay, he even danced to the music and sang along where his voice cracked. Many fans asked on the web, “Is he drunk?”

During the show, he did not forget to remind his listeners about the European debt crisis as well as to be careful of mad cow disease. However, the hundreds of fans that were originally supporting him and discussing about his show on PTT suddenly left in an instant while he talked about the issues. Nonetheless, the fans complimented on his performance.

Movie promo clip:

Movie theme song:

Weibird was also on Million Singer this past weekend, check out his performance below:

Source: LibertyTimes, Weibird0305, eric27wu, siang1013

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