Michelle Chen and Joe Cheng open a new restaurant

Michelle Chen and Joe Cheng opened a new Italian food restaurant together. Joe revealed that he and Michelle along with seven other non-celebrity friends have invested over a hundred thousand dollars (NT) in opening the restaurant. The restaurant even has secret dining rooms available for their celebrity friends to avoid being photographed by reporters.

Joe told the media that it was his first time starting a new business since he debuted in showbiz ten years ago. He happily announced the grand opening of their restaurant in a group chat on WhatsApp, but only Michelle responded to him. Despite he is a restaurant owner now, he admitted that his appetite far exceeds his cooking ability as he only knows how to cook fried rice and boiled eggs. However, he emphasized that his responsibility was to attract customers to the restaurant.

At yesterday’s grand opening, Simon Yam, Shin, and Angie Chai attended the event to show their support.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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