Lonely on V-Day for Park Jung Min

Former Korean boy group SS501 member Park Jung-Min baked a heart-shaped cake for the Children Are Us Foundation. He revealed that he did not have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with and even cried out to his costar Jian Man-Shu, “You don’t love me.” When they were taking photos together, Park Jung-Min treated the female reporter to a macaroon, but when asked about his love life, he said, “Stop digging!”

Nonetheless, he received many chocolates from his fans. When asked what special gifts he had once given on Valentine’s Day, he replied, “I’ve given a ring before,” and he received a GPS in return.

In the upcoming drama “Fondant Garden”, Park Jung-Min plays a restaurant owner who had lost his memory and falls in love with Jian Man-Shu. The drama will premiere on the 24th. Park Jung-Min is confident that it will do well in ratings.

Source: Appledaily

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