Joe Cheng plans to enlist later this year

Now that both Ethan Ruan and Ming Dao have gone to the military, the public has shifted their focus on the remaining male celebrities who have yet to fulfill their duties which includes: Joe Cheng, Mike He, Sphinx Ting, Shiou Jieh-Kai, and Jerry Huang. Joe and Mike have indicated their will to go. Joe, who is 29 years old, is planning to enlist in the latter half of this year or early next year. Mike, who is 28 years old, is planning to fulfill his duties after he graduates from college in two years. (top photos: Joe Cheng on the left and Mike He on the right)

Joe is currently busy filming the movie, “花漾” (Scarlet). Next month, he will be collaborating with Korean actress Lee Da-Hae to film the new idol drama, “愛的蜜方” (roughly translates to The Secret to Love), in Shanghai. After he is done promoting for the movie and the drama, he will enlist.

 Sphinx Ting (left) and Shiou Jieh-Kai (right).

27 year-old Sphinx Ting is currently filming the remake of the Japanese drama, “白色之戀” (Die Sterntaler). His manager responded yesterday, “We will follow the rules. We have not been trying to delay fulfilling military service.” 28 year-old Shiou Jieh-Kai is currently filming GTV’s “給愛麗絲的奇蹟” (Give Alice A Miracle). His management company explained that his focus is on work right now and has no plans to enlist yet. 30 year-old Jerry Huang is busy promoting for TTV’s “前男友” (Ex-boyfriend). His management company said yesterday, “He will go when it’s time to go. He will definitely not avoid it.”

 Jerry Huang.

Source: Appledaily

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