A-Fu's new EP tops preorder sales chart

Singer A-Fu's new EP, “Happiness Is Around Us”, began its preorder just a day ago and she immediately topped the preorder sales chart at the major online store books.com.tw. Since “6666” is A-Fu’s favorite number, 6666 lucky fans will get a special copy with the serial numbers from 0001 to 6666 written on the album by A-Fu herself. In order to complete this task, she went to the printing company yesterday to grab the CDs and expressed happily, “I feel very touched, it's like seeing your own ‘child’ being born.”

A-Fu was under tremendous stress when preparing the EP, which caused seborrhoeic dermatitis to recur. The skin behind her ears became red and swollen, so she immediately went to see a doctor to get treatment.

A-Fu's "Happiness Is Around Us" EP is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

A-Fu was an online singer who became an instant hit on YouTube by singing a cover to “Nothin’ on You”. She released her debut album in May of last year.

Promo video:

A-Fu's cover of "Nothin' on You":

Source: UDN, afuuu666, fowrmusic

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