ELVA and Kai Ko spotted locking lips at a nightclub?

32 year-old ELVA and 20 year-old Kai Ko were spotted going to the movies together last month. The two stars were reportedly introduced to each other by their good friends. Although the two were quick to deny the rumors of them dating, readers tipped Appledaily that the couple was seen hugging intimately, holding hands, and even locking lips at the nightclub last weekend.

ELVA, who is currently in Paris, refuted the claims via text messaging, “Dazzling (the nightclub) is an open area. Do you think that it’s even possible for me to do something like that? Don’t you think this rumor is way out of hand?” When asked if she had good feelings for Kai, she emphasized that they were “just good friends.” ELVA’s manager expressed that ELVA was at the nightclub with more than ten friends that day, who were wishing her all the best for her one-month trip to Paris. Her manager further said that he felt frustrated that such rumors broke out.

Kai responded when the media asked about the rumor of him kissing ELVA, “What kiss? Who spread that kind of rumor? There was nothing like that. We were only talking close to each other.” When asked what they talked about, he said, “Anything.”

Source: Appledaily

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