Anthony Neely holds signing and mini concert event for new album

Anthony Neely held a autographing and mini concert event to promote the preordering of his upcoming album, “Wake Up”. As reported previously, he gained 10kg last year, weighing 87kg. Thus, he has been exercising and watching what he eats. At 178cm, he currently weighs 77kg, but is still 3kg away from his target weight of 74kg. He said yesterday, “The mirror is my scale. I am much thinner now, but not enough. I will work harder.”

Anthony purposely gained weight in order to play a baker for the movie, “The Soul Of Bread”. After the filming, he was struggling to lose the extra pounds and his company even decided to postpone the release of his new album. He has gotten much slimmer since then, but his legs still look chunky. He told the media, “I don’t really care about my actual weight. I know I gained a lot of weight from looking at myself in the mirror, so I've started exercising.”

He has been riding his bike, jogging, and controlling what he eats (less meat). After three months of hard work, he has managed to lose 10kg. At yesterday’s event, his movie costar Chen Han-Dian appeared to show his support and the two sang the movie theme song, “You Are My Baby”, together.

Regarding previous rumors of Anthony having a girlfriend who is a nurse as well as having a daughter, he denied the claims, “That's definitely not true. She is just a friend.”

Anthony's "Wake Up" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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