AK to recruit new members

The mando-pop duo AK has debuted for three years and now they're looking to recruit four guy and girl members between the ages of 18 to 22. Many fans mistakenly thought that AK was breaking up when they saw the announcement on Facebook yesterday, thus, over a hundred fans commented, asking their management company not to disband them.

AK members Andy Chen and Kris Shen released their first album, “Wow”, in 2009. Last year, they released an EP titled, “Bruce Lee”, and both of them have been active in filming various idol dramas and movies. Despite this, AK’s management company hopes to add freshness to the group with new members. The new members will be decided in April, which they will then go through half a year of training. The company hopes to release a new album with the new members by the end of the year. Their manager expressed that they will add one more acronym to “AK”, but won't reveal what it is right now.

More info: http://ak-fans.com/AK/

Source: Appledaily

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