Show Luo to release his first Japanese single

After Chinese New Year, Shou Luo will be going to Japan to release his first Japanese single, “Dante”. Instead of bringing over his tradition of “3 albums for a hug and 5 for a photo” in Taiwan, he will only be shaking hands with the fans at the autographing session.

There will be three versions of the single. Version A will come with two bonus MVs (700 TWD), Version B will have a behind-the-scene DVD (580 TWD), and the normal version contains just the single and its side tracks (465 TWD).

Show’s management company is looking to distribute the single in Taiwan as well, but since the single is produced by the Japanese record company Pony Canyon, negotiations are still in process. Fans who can’t wait for a Taiwan version have already started to organizing group purchases for the album. The single is set to release on February 15th.

Show's "Dante" single is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Info from Pony Canyon

Source: UDN

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