SETTV shortens prime time dramas to an hour

SETTV’s total profit exceeded 4.5 billion TWD last year, which is a 10% increase from the year before. At the end of the year, general manager Chang Rong-Hua proposed to invest 400 million TWD in producing Chinese dramas. Many are skeptical of his plan and are also concerned that the network will lose it’s competitiveness for shortening its daily prime time dramas from two hours to one hour. However, he explained, “Changing the current format of dramas is exactly what I hope to do. We will be focusing on producing Chinese dramas in order to provide more opportunities in the industry, as well as attracting behind-the-scene workers to come back. SETTV is taking the first little step. We must fight together so that Taiwanese dramas won’t become marginalized because of Korean and mainland dramas.” With that said, he plans to start airing dramas of various genres in the 9pm slot this year.

The first of its kind is “Inborn Pair” (formerly True Love Is Troublesome) starring Chris Wang and Annie Chen, which is currently airing on SETTV’s “city channel” (CH35). The drama's ratings have been doing well and its broadcasting rights have already been sold to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, China, and Singapore. The drama will start airing next month on TVB in Hong Kong.

SETTV is also currently airing the new drama, “Way Back Into Love”, on its “Taiwan Channel” (CH29), starring the Golden Bell best actress June and Bryant Chang.

Source: UDN

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