Selina films new commercial with Hebe and Ella

Ever since Selina’s explosion accident, S.H.E’s commercials have been done with only Hebe and Ella. Thankfully, Selina has been recovering from the injury very well and has finally gone back to work to film the commercial for the clothing brand, “Top Girl”, which also marks their fifth year endorsing the brand. Since Selina can’t be standing for a long period of time, the staff worked efficiently and completed filming the commercial in five hours.

Selina showed her professionalism and stood during the filming while resting every three minutes. Ella teased, “She sure still has the touch. Her smile is still bright and captivating.” Following this commercial, S.H.E will continue to film commercials for other mainland clothing and shoe brands that they have renewed their endorsement contracts with.

Source: Appledaily

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