Netizens attempt to expose Lu Chen's magic trick

Magician Lu Chen performed at CCTV’s Chinese New Year program for the third time on January 22. But netizens claimed that it only took them five minutes to solve all his illusions, which Lu Chen spent a month to develop. Netizens suspected that the table he used had a mirror-covered triangle base big enough to fit a person. Lu Chen responded, “Magic is an artistic performance. I’m not here to give out riddles for everyone to guess,” and emphasized, “So far, no one has guessed right. I knew that people were going to work their brains on this before I went on the program.”

Lu Chen appeared on CCTV’s Chinese New Year program for the first time in 2009 and won first place for the “most popular show segment.” He wowed the audience again in 2010 by putting his arm through a glass table. He came back a year later, but during the rehearsal, he was unable to turn water into tea. He refuted such claims yesterday, “We were only rehearsing on where to stand and such, so I wasn’t performing the trick for real. It’s just that there were some people who attended the rehearsal, hence the confusion.”

In addition, netizens were dissatisfied that his trick of drinking coffee from the mirror had already been performed on a Japanese program before. Lu Chen explained, “It was an original trick. There’s nothing wrong with performing it again. Jay Chou wouldn’t sing his songs only once.” He further said that he originally planned to perform a different set of magic tricks but had to change them just two weeks before the show due to limitations of the stage, “I give myself 78 out of 100 because I was too nervous. I couldn’t smile at all because if anything happened during the show, it would have been all over.”

Lu Chen will be receiving an award from the Academy of the Magical Arts in April. He laughed that he could retire after the award, but the media teased that he should get married first. He expressed that he currently has no plans to marry either of his previously rumored girlfriends Hong Kong model Rene Lee and “Sweetheart” magician Huang Xin-Lin, “I haven’t considered marriage. Furthermore, I am only dating one of them.” As for which one he is dating, the 36 year-old kept it a secret, “It’s a secret. I will think about marriage when I’m 40. Getting married would mean that I'm half-retiring.”

Check out Lu Chen's performance:

Source: Appledaily & 88pingpongdotcom's channel

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