Ming Dao films his last commercials before enlistment

As reported previously, there has been a lot of pressure put on stars who are delaying their enlistments. Following Ethan Ruan’s announcement that he will be completing alternative services next month, Ming Dao also announced recently that he will be suspending his studies and will be enlisted in February of this year.

Although it’s less than a month away, Ming Dao is working vigorously to earn as much money as he can before he goes. In addition to finishing the filming of the drama, “天使的幸福” (Happiness of an Angel), he went to Neihu to shoot a beverage commercial just a few days ago, which he was reportedly paid 24 million TWD for it. He will be filming one more commercial before going to the military.

When asked how he feels about fulfilling his military service, his manager expressed that Ming Dao is pretty relaxed about it. He has been completing all the work that needs to be done before he goes, “Being able to fulfill his responsibility as a citizen, he feels good about it.”

 Ming Dao is feeling about going into the military.

Source: LibertyTimes

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