A-Mei Chang, Show Luo, and others awarded as KKBOX's top 10 singers

The 7th annual KKBOX digital music awards was held yesterday. Despite A-Mei Chang had just returned from her trip to Boracay with her staff, she immediately immersed herself in work. She had just completed a show recording before attending the award show.  After receiving her award, she rushed to ASUS’s year-end company concert, which she reportedly got paid 5 million TWD to sing exclusively at their company's concert. Although award winners were to perform at the award show, A-Mei only sang a verse of “My Most Beloved” without music before she quickly left.

A-Mei will be returning home in Tainan during the Chinese New Year holiday to give out red envelopes, “The kids are happy when they get red envelopes.” She will then start preparing for her upcoming concert tour. Thus, she expressed that her work load is no less than when she was promoting her album.

In related news, Show Luo performed several fast songs at the show. He recently gained 3kg, weighing a total of 72kg. Since he will be releasing his first Japanese single soon, his company has ordered him to lose weight, setting a target of 67kg.

Show was the champion in album sales last year for selling 150 thousand copies of his album. However, Mayday claimed that they sold 160 thousand copies of their latest album. In regards to this sensitive topic, Show answered with humor, “They (Mayday) and Jay lost to me on the show last time so they each have to buy a hundred copies of my album. My album isn’t even out yet and I’ve already sold two hundred copies, therefore, I am the champion.”

KKBOX winners:
Top 10 singers of the year: Jay Chou, A-Mei Chang, JJ Lin, Show Luo, Fish Leong, Della Ding, Mayday, Hebe Tien, A-Lin, Jam Hsiao

Best New Artist: A-fu Teng
Best Digital Single: The Heaven and Earth Challenge / Jay Chou
Best Idol Drama Music: Freya Lin & Yisa Yu / Fierce Wife
Best Movie OST: Those Years / Hu Xia
Most Popular MV: ELVA Hsiao
Media’s Choice Best Singer-Songwriter: Yen-J
Best Independent Singer-Songwriter: Tizzy Bac

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Source: Appledaily

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