Leehom Wang gives encore performance after new year countdown

Looks like Leehom Wang didn’t have enough fun after performing at the countdown shows. At 1:40am yesterday, he suddenly announced on Facebook that he would be giving a free mini concert to treat the fans, which he shelled out 500 thousand TWD to host it.

The moment the announcement came out, fans immediately rushed to Riverside Livehouse. Two hundred lucky fans filled the venue while five hundred more stood outside as they couldn’t get in. Many fans requested Leehom to “go on tour,” and many more fans from the mainland protested since they couldn’t attend.

Leehom brought his own band and dancers to perform at Taichung’s and Kaohsiung’s countdown show. He decided to give an “encore” performance after the shows, which was also his first time performing after hours. He expressed that since he started using Facebook and micro-blog, he wanted to have more interactions with the fans, thus he decided to hold an impromptu mini concert event.

Since there wasn’t a rundown for the mini concert, Leehom sang various English songs including “Tell Me a Bedtime Story”, “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, and more. He also performed his classic hits like “W-H-Y”, and did a jazz version of “Crying Palm”. The originally planned 45-minute show got prolonged to 2 hours!

It’s been a long time since Leehom did a small concert event; he shouted joyfully, “It’s so fun!”

Check out Leehom's performance at the Taichung countdown on sugoideas.com: click here.

In other news, Leehom will be featured in Appledaily's calendar for the month of May.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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