Leehom Wang films new Nike commercial with Kanye West

Among Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Zhang Ziyi, and other megastars, Leehom Wang has been chosen to be the new spokesperson for Nike in Asia, pocketing 30 million TWD. He recently went to the states to film the commercial for the KobeSystem Campaign along with Kanye West. During the shoot, the two stars chatted about music and even talked about a possible collaboration on the next album. (Top photo: Leehom gives Kanye his latest "Open Fire" compilation album.)

It was Leehom’s first time working in Hollywood. Not only the studio was well equipped, he also got his own personal van to rest in, and a table-tennis table set up to play during break. Leehom exclaimed, “It’s like I’m in heaven, it’s like we’re at a luxurious motel, and we can even play table-tennis!”

The sportswear brand has always gotten well-known athletes to be their spokesperson. It’s the first time that it has decided to work with stars of different industries and Leehom expresses that he cherishes this “unbelievable opportunity" very much.

Leehom has worked hard in establishing his fan following on the web in the last few years. He already has 12 million followers on his micro-blog and over a million fans on Facebook, making him the number one Chinese singer with the most online followers. Apart from his work in music and movies, it is also one of the reasons why he got chosen to become a spokesperson for the brand.

Source: Appledaily, UDN, nikebasketball

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