[Updated w/ link] Ex-couple ELVA and Sunny Wang appear on Kang Xi Lai Le

Ex-couple ELVA and Sunny Wang actually appeared on the popular talk show, Kang Xi Lai Le, together. Hosts Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu praised their courage. For those who didn't know, the two dated for three years, but have already broken up since five years ago.

ELVA and Sunny went on the show to promote their micro film. There was no awkwardness when they hugged in front of the camera, which Dee immediately commented, “These two clearly still love each other.” Dee then asked the two to think back to when they had their first kiss. ELVA and Sunny quietly chatted in English for a bit, and then Sunny suddenly shouted, “ELVA completely forgot!” Nonetheless, they remembered that it happened in the car when they were out enjoying the night scenery.

They revealed that they met at a friend’s New Year party. ELVA explained, “I thought he was very handsome. But I never thought that he would actually come ask me what my name was.” -- ELVA was already a singer at the time. Later, ELVA took the initiative and texted him, and that was the start of their relationship. They expressed that they were very upset and cried when they broke up. Although they thought about reconciling, their strong personalities prevented them from doing so. Sunny said, “Our personalities are quite similar. We thought about getting back together, but none of us said anything.”

Dee and Kevin constantly cheered for them to get back together during the show. In regards to the previous rumors of Sunny dating Rainie, he answered, “We’re just friends!”

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Source: UDN

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