Cindy Yen writes song for Mark Chao in debut movie

Cindy Yen is acting alongside Mark Chao and Angelababy for her big screen debut, “第一次” (First Time). On the set, Mark taught Cindy how to act while she taught him how to sing. Cindy even wrote a song for Mark in the movie, which she praised, “He has great potential (as a singer)!”

In fact, Mark is a huge fan of Jay Chou, so when they all went to sing KTV a few days ago, they sang Jay’s songs non-stop for 4 hours. Mark even got Cindy to sing Jay’s classic “Black Humor” with him. Cindy commented, “It was like a Jay Chou world tour.”

Cindy plays Mark’s ex-girlfriend in the movie and during the filming, Cindy complimented that Mark was very into his role and led her into the mood very well. She further praised Mark for being easy going and thanked him for the acting lessons. However, Mark made fun of Cindy for not knowing how to read her dialogues and song lyrics. Cindy couldn’t help but said, “He’s the only one that would make fun of me even when we don’t know each other that well.” Although Mark comforted her afterwards, she joked, “I know he needs entertainment, so I’ll let him be.”

Source: UDN

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