Cindy Yen chips her tooth with microphone

Cindy Yen was performing at a concert in Guangzhou China. She got a little too excited when singing her new song, “Come On”, and rammed her microphone to her mouth, chipping her front tooth. She laughed, “Microphones are very dangerous. It’s good that I’m not Eason Chan (who fell on stage and hit one of his testicles). I guess I’m okay for chipping my tooth.”

When the accident happened, she felt a bit dizzy, but still continued to sing. She expressed, “I originally thought that my mouth was bleeding, so I kept covering it with my microphone. Then I felt something in my mouth while I was singing, so I spit it out. It was after I got off stage that I found out that it was part of my front tooth.” As a result, she could only show a reserved smile when she went back on stage.

She got the tooth fixed yesterday and can finally show off her usual bright smile, but she said, “The dentist said I must not bite hard bones, eat anything too cold or too hot, otherwise it’ll hurt.” Cindy further expressed that her mom had spent a lot of money on her teeth since she was young, “We’ve spent over ten thousand TWD on Orthodontics. I can’t believe they’re so weak. It chipped just like that. I don’t even dare to tell my mom about it.”

Source: UDN

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