Amber Kuo's new drama takes over "Office Girls" time slot

Amber Kuo appeared at a press conference yesterday to announce her new drama, “向前走向愛走” (roughly translates to Go Forward Towards Love), which will be taking over “Office Girls’” time slot. SETTV/TTV's  “Office Girls”, starring Roy Qiu and Alice Ke, has been leading in the ratings battle every week. Without a doubt, Amber’s new drama will be under a lot of pressure to sustain its ratings. Thus, Amber visited her old friend Roy on the set a few days ago in hope to get some help, “He was more serious when we filmed ‘Woody Sambo’. He has suddenly become so incredible in this captivating.” Roy expressed, “We talked about a lot of things like little tricks in acting. We exchanged a lot of knowledge with each other.”

Amber had just came back from her trip to Kenya for World Vision. As a result, she got scalp sunburn from the trip, “My scalp is peeling every day.” Moreover, she also got a tan, so she worries that her skin tone won’t match when she goes back to continue filming for her new drama.

Roy plays “Qin Zi Qi” in “Office Girls”, which has been loved by viewers of all ages. A 4 year-old fan even confessed her love and said that she wanted to marry him, but Roy said to the girl, “Wait until you grow up.”

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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