"Sun and rain" relationship not yet dead

Rainie Yang and Sunny Wang have an unclear relationship. News week reported Sunny brought a commodity for her and had an intimate relationship while in the plane. She returned from American on November 29, she said: "We are really good friends only." Whether will there be a possible future development? She said: "No one can say what would happen in the future, I hope you will give artists the liberty to have friends."

The talent agency told the news week that: "Rainie did not appear in the picture  from beginning to end, if they are plug-story then they are too exaggerated, there is nothing to comment on." He is 29 years old and Rainie is 27 year old, his career is just getting started, is he banned to engage in a relationship? Manager said: " We only ban unprofessional artist."

Photo & Source: Chinatimes

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